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Crofton Anne-Dane

Microsoft Office 365 log in

1. Open your web browser 
(NOTE: If you have problems logging in, particularly if you have more than one child trying to log in on the same device then please see the advice [here])

2. Go to http://office.com and click on "Sign in"

3. You should now see this box.

4. Enter your username where the x's are shown followed by @croftonannedale-jun.hants.sch.uk as shown below and then click Next. 
(NOTE: Substitute -inf for -jun if your child attends the Infant school)

5. You will be taken a page with this box on the right-hand side.
6. Now type your password in the Password box and click Sign in.

7. You will then see this box.

8. I recommend clicking Yes as this reduces the number of times you need to login.
(NOTE: If you have more than one child signing in on this device them click "No" as this should prevent the two accounts clashing. Also see the advice [here])

9. You will now be on the Office 365 home page and what you see will depend of past activity. In the middle you may for example see files you have created and other recent content. There are icons on the left side of the window for the apps that are available to you. To open teams for example click on this icon  and if asked to login use the same details as before.

10. You will now see the main Teams page. What you see will depend on what has been set up for you but down the left side of the screen you will see this menu.

The Activity icon shows anything that has changed since your last visit. This will include any conversations they have been involved in.
The Chat icon lets send messages to one or more people in your team. You can also start a video or voice session with one or more members of your team.
The Teams icon shows any teams that your child is part of. When you open their Team page you will also see Channels for each class. Your child can interact with both the Team and their respective class channel. 

The Assignments icon shows any assignments set up for you or your team.

The Calendar icon will show you any meetings that you have been invited to join.
The Calls icon allows you to set up contact lists and also start video or voice sessions.
The Files icon will show you any documents created or uploaded by you.

 If you don't see all these icons then click on the three dots below and they should all appear 

11. The other apps available to you in Office 365 are available from the "Waffle" icon 

12. When you first login to Teams it is a good idea to check the Calendar first to see if there are any meetings that you can join. You should also see a message popup offering you notifications of events. I recommend accepting these as you will be notified of any events that involve you. If you switch to the Outlook app from the Waffle you will see notifications for meetings that your child is invited to.

If you need any help, please contact us at tech@croftonannedale-jun.hants.sch.uk